Name: Érica Kamimura Nishimura


“Seeker of Knowledge”. That is how I describe myself. Granddaughter of Japanese immigrants, I was born in Brazil, and since a very young age I have always been interested in learning new things. That is why I spent almost 2 years in Germany, exploring a new culture and learning a different approach to the studying process, the protection of the environment and social studies.

I graduated as an environmental engineer and, after starting to work with water treatment plants for municipalities in Brazil, I began a Master’s Degree in Sanitation and Hydraulic Engineering. So far, I have been intrigued by the consequences of big data to our generation and it made me dig into data science. I had a great opportunity to improve my technical skills as a Data Scientist and Data Engineer at Portal Telemedicina, training and evaluating models to prioritize urgent exams, and now I would love to find another place where I can feel challenged and motivated.

Btw, life is not made only by tech knowledge, and I felt the need to start a new graduation: in Social Sciences.